History: The Atlas was the United States’ first ICBM, with the D variant being the first operational version. However, Atlas’ role as a missile was short -lived with the introduction of more efficient systems like Titan and Minuteman. It went on to become a successful space launcher, bringing Mercury astronauts to orbit and eventually developing into today’s Atlas V. In its early days, it mostly flew R&D missions, testing the rocket itself and various payloads such as the Mk. 2 heat sink reentry vehicle and the Mk. 4 warhead. The first test spaceflight of the Mercury program, also known as ‘Big Joe,’ was launched on an Atlas D. From this base version, the rocket would be modified into famous launch vehicles like the Mercury Atlas, Atlas Agena, and Atlas Centaur. 
Part Count: 222
Scale: 1:110 
Dimensions: (lLength x Width x Height): 4.5 cm x 4.2 cm x 23.2 cm


Features: The model's scale is the same as LEGO’s official Saturn V kit, and the xml contains the parts to convert between 3 different models. Though only one model can be built at a time, it’s simple to switch between them. It includes 3 payloads, one for each model, and they depict accurate payloads carried by the real rocket. The half stage can be swapped out with a detailed sustainer engine to depict the rocket post-staging.     
Disclaimer: This purchase is for the building instructions in a pdf format and an xml file containing the list of parts which can then be uploaded to Bricklink.

Atlas D