History: The Superhornet was an improvement on the original Hornet, making the aircraft slightly larger to allow more weapons and improved maintenance capabilities. The aircraft added 2 weapon stations, changed the shape of the LEX, and added a larger engine with the F414-GE-400 Low Bypass Turbofan. The airframe also changed the intake shape to a square for better airflow to the engine. Originally introduced between 1999-2001, the Navy would have full adoption fleet wide around 2019, having the last fighting squadrons replace the old Legacy Hornets for Supers. The Superhornet is unique for having the F/A designation, being both an air to air and air to ground fighter. There are currently two versions of the Super, the E model being the single seater, and the F model being the two seater. A third technical version is the E/A-18 Growler that replaced the E/A-6B Prowler. The Super Hornet has tanker capabilities with an ARS (Airborne Refueling Store) pod and 4 drop tanks.


Part Count: 1545


Scale: 1:35


Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height) 51cm x 40cm x 13.2cm


Features: The aircraft has working flaps, ailerons, slats, and rudder control. Other features include a fully detailed cockpit, foldable wings, fully retracable landing gear, and removable armaments (four AIM 120 missiles, two AGM-88s, two AIM-9X sidewinders, two JDAM bombs, and one drop tank). 


Disclaimer: This purchase is for the building instructions in a pdf format and an xml file containing the list of parts which can then be uploaded to Bricklink.

BmD F/A-18E